Teaching in English Seminar

From ideation to innovation: how to create an online or blended course
Grace Lyo, Ph.D., Director of Digital Learning Innovation, Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning, Stanford University
This 45-minute workshop is designed to help instructors get started in the online or blended course creation process. We will start at the beginning: with your big vision and goals. We will demonstrate how to transform ideas into concrete plans by providing examples and best practices. This workshop will be based off of Stanford University's online course, "Creating Effective Online and Blended Courses," which will soon be available in Japanese courtesy of Tokyo Tech's Online Education Development Office (OEDO).
A systematic approach to improving STEM teaching and learning in classroom and online settings
W9-212, CITL office

Target Audience:
Tokyo Tech Faculties and Staffs
Over the last several decades there has been significant progress in our understanding of teaching and learning in STEM disciplines. However, there often seem to be a disconnect between theory and practice. Implementation of solid instructional design principles is often lacking due to characteristics of the environment, inadequate support for instructors, or limited use of technological affordances. In this session I will propose a framework for studying STEM teaching and learning in Higher Education institutions. I will demonstrate how this process improved instruction and assessment at UBC across physical and virtual settings: classrooms, labs, and MOOCs.  br>
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(日本語) Past Seminar
Introduction of CLIL -How to teach in English-
(日本語) 西9号館W棟213号室(教育革新センター研修室)

Target Audience:
Tokyo Tech Faculties and Staffs
(日本語) 本学で取り入れている研修プログラムCLIL(Content and Language Integrated Learning)についてその方法,効果,事例などを紹介します。
The Caltech Center for Teaching, Learning, and Outreach (CTLO): From Start-up to Three Years
W9-213, CITL Seminar room

Target Audience:
Tokyo Tech Faculties and Staffs
In 2012, Caltech launched a major new initiative to provide support for university faculty and teaching assistants; enhance opportunities for students to grow as teachers, mentors, and leaders; and better connect researchers with pre-college students. This talk will explain the rationale for starting the CTLO, strategies employed in starting and sustaining programs, and data from projects and work during the first three years. We will also discuss the challenges of highlighting teaching within the culture of science and engineering research, preparing graduate students to be effective teachers and communicators, and incorporating new technologies, MOOCs, and data into the work of faculty development. By the end, you will see how the culture and practice of teaching is changing at Caltech and goals for the next phase of development.
Teaching in English Seminar No.1 -- The evolution and future of online learning with edx --
W9-213, CITL Seminar room
20 (First come, first saved basis)
Target Audience: Faculty, Student and Staff with little or no prior knowledge about online courses.
-- The evolution and future of online learning with edx --
Abstract: Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have attracted press world-wide and approximately 5 million learners since their start in 2012. This talk will provide an overview of edX, its capabilities, and its evolution to 'MOOC 2.0'. It will also explore the future design of online courses and the different options available to learners, including on-campus use, and credit.

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Mr. Zachary Kramer,
Regional Manager, Educational Services at edX

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