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CITL trains and develops the skills of faculty members with high-level teaching abilities and a deep dedication to education and fosters ambitious students with great academic potential and people skills. It does so through the continual implementation of teaching methods, ways to improve teaching methods, and the support thereof. As such, this educational management system, which is based on the education and research principles and strategies of Tokyo Institute of Technology, is designed to improve the quality of education, and contribute to achieving the status of the world's leading science and engineering university (Article 2, Regulations of the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning, Tokyo Institute of Technology).
In order to achieve this objective, CITL engages in the following.

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A system for educational development

  • Planning and implementation of course evaluation surveys
  • Feedback on the results of course evaluation surveys
  • Planning of curriculum evaluations
  • Analysis of student study behavior
  • Support for management structure development
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The development of education

  • Planning and implementation of training for educators, staff members, and TAs
  • Support for improving English-based teaching method
  • Support for improving teaching methods using videos
  • Creation of various handbooks
  • Consultation on courses and support for learning
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Improving the learning environment and educational support

  • MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) development
  • Development of online teaching materials
  • Discussion on classroom environment
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Research, development, and dissemination of educational methods

  • Ways to provide an effective lecture
  • Promotion of active learning
  • Effective teaching and learning methods using ICT