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The Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL) was established in April 2015 as part of education reform at Tokyo Institute of Technology. The purpose of the CITL is to further train faculty members with high-level teaching abilities who are deeply dedicated to education, and to foster ambitious students of great academic potential and people skills. Since its establishment, first CITL Director Akira Matsuzawa and his devoted and enthusiastic staff members have striven to build the center from scratch to promote activities in four main areas: (i) educational assessment systems, (ii) support for faculty development and improvement, (iii) improvement of the learning environment and support for education, and (iv) the development and dissemination of teaching methods.

The CITL is now in its fourth year, and now that we have laid a foundation for its stable operation, it is time for us to move on to the next step. In addition to the above four main areas of focus, we will work on the following two points.

1. Coordination with faculty and staff members is indispensable to improving the quality of education. CITL will further strengthen coordination with each School and Institute-Wide Education Center. Also, together with faculty and staff members, CITL is going to build an education quality improvement cycle unique to Tokyo Tech.

2. Innovative development of communications technology in recent years has significantly affected teaching methods and the learning environment. While being aware of these developments, CITL will introduce new ideas and methods to contribute to improving the quality of education at Tokyo Tech.

April 2018


Junichi Imura