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Research, development, and dissemination of educational methods

CITL engages in research activities to find ways to improve quality assurance systems, abilities of educators and staff members, and the environment in which students learn. We contribute to the promotion of these activities via educational organizations that are in charge of overseeing education development at the Institute. We collaborate with similar centers and organizations at home and abroad, and work to extensively communicate information on and off campus.

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  • Development of effective lecture methods
  • Promotion of active learning
  • Development of effective teaching and learning methods using ICT

Promotion Project (Support from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)

  • "Establishment of a community system for learning through cooperation among students and between educational staff and students" FY2016-2020
  • GSA Website

  • "Further promotion of educational reform through the development of platforms to allow students to learn on their own" FY2017-2021