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CITL Symposium 2020


At last CITL Symposium 2019 (January 2020), held under the theme “Promoting Student Engagement by Combining Online Learning with Classroom Instruction,” we discussed the effective combination of face-to-face classroom instruction and on-demand learning materials. The subsequent impact of COVID-19 has made the implementation of live-streamed online classes routine, expanded the scope of online teaching, and made us reconsider face-to-face instruction in the classroom. The momentum is now strong enough to reaffirm the value of campus life. This year’s symposium is expected to be a sequel to the last year’s symposium and will discuss the future and the transformation of university education.


Promoting Student Engagement by Combining Online Learning with Classroom Instruction 2

18:00~20:15, December 21, 2020 (Mon)

Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation and graphic recording are provided

Time Content
18:00~18:10 Opening Remark

Session 1 / Monologue

Each speaker presents their perspective for the possible changes in future university education based on their experience of COVID-19 Impact.

Megumi Ikeda
Assistant Professor
Center for Social Research and Data Archives (CSRDA), Institute of Social Science
The University of Tokyo

Daisuke Kaneko
Department of Economics
Hokusei Gakuen University

Satoru Kaneko
Vice Principal
Hiroo Gakuen Junior & High School

Tomoya Okubo
Analyst, Directorate of Education and Skills
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Hiroki Oura
Associate Professor
Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning
Tokyo Institute of Technology


Session 2 / Dialogue

Through dialogue among the speakers, we will bring out perspectives and issues that even the speakers themselves were not aware of.


Q&A and Discussion

20:10~20:15 Closing Remark

On attending the symposium

This symposium will be held as a webinar using the video conferencing system “ZOOM”. We recommend installing the Zoom app on your smartphone, tablet or PC in advance. Within one week after you register for participation, you will receive a confirmation email for the Zoom URL to join the webinar.


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