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Akinori Nishihara


Akinori Nishihara

Akinori Nishihara received the B.E., M.E., and Dr. Eng. degrees in electronics from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1973, 1975, and 1978, respectively. Since 1978 he has been with Tokyo Institute of Technology at Department of Physical Electronics, International Cooperation Center for Science and Technology, Center for Research and Development of Educational Technology (CRADLE), and Department of Human System Science. He retired in 2016 amd became Professor Emeritus of Tokyo Tech. He was rehired by the same university, and has been serving as COO of Tokyo Tech Academy for Super Smart Society. His research interests are in signal processing and educational technology.
He served on the Board of Directors of IEEE Region 10, IEEE Tokyo Section, IEEE Japan Council, and IEEE. IEICE Director, Conferences, Student Activities, and Education (2007-2009), IEICE Director, General Affairs (2011-2013), IEEE Region 10 Director (2019-2020), IEICE Auditor (2020-2022), etc.
He received IEICE Best Paper Award (1999), IEEE Third Millennium Medal (2000), LSI IP Design Award (2002), IEEE Fellow (2003), IEICE Fellow (2003), Best Teacher Award, Tokyo Institute of Technology (2009), Best Engineering Teacher Award, Tokyo Institute of Technology (2014), Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (2016), IEICE Excellent Educational Practices Award (2017), IEEE Women in Engineering Extraordinary Man Award (2022), IEICE Achievement Award (2023), etc.