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Recommended Tool Box and Self-learning material

Recommended Tool Box for each faculty

With MATLAB’s TAH (Total Academic Headcount) license, Tokyo Tech staff and students can now use 50 products including MATLAB / Simulink. Here are introduced some of the lists of toolbox you would like to use in various fields.

Pleas see the attached file below.

Recommended Tool Box list

MATLAB Self-learning material

Materials and e-learning systems for self-study are gathered on MathWorks’s page, so please refer to it by all means.

For students

TAH resources for student

MATLAB Academy(I recommend the basic course for beginner)

For faculty and staff

TAH resources for faculty and staff

When you want to ask a question…

For questions about MATLAB and Simulink, please contact MATLAB TA or MATLAB Answers.

MATLAB TA Contacts

MATLAB Answers