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【MOOC】Programming for beginners: Learning basics with computer Shogi, Introduction to the Super Smart Society

Tokyo Tech has launched two new massive open online courses (MOOCs):

・Programming for beginners: Learning basics with computer Shogi
・Introduction to the Super Smart Society

Programming for beginners: Learning basics with computer Shogi

During this course for beginners of programming, taught by Professor Atsushi Takahashi from the School of Engineering, participants learn the basics and various techniques of coding with computer Shogi on MATLAB. No prior knowledge of programming or the game of shogi is required. Participants have access to a MATLAB license for the duration of the course, and a few additional days, courtesy of The MathWorks, Inc. This means that even those without regular access to the MATLAB environment can enjoy the full experience of the course.

【Course Content】 ・Basics of programming
– Variables and arrays
– Operations and function calls
– Control statements
・Various techniques of coding
・Game tree search
– Minimax method
– Board state evaluation of Shogi games
・Basic programming with MATLAB
【Fee】 free
【For details】

Introduction to the Super Smart Society

In this course, researchers at Tokyo Tech introduce and explain the cutting-edge research being conducted to realize the Super Smart Society, a future in which unmanned tractors plow vast fields, automated buses and trucks transport people and goods, and avatar robots provide nursing care. By standing at the forefront of research that seeks to create this society from an engineering perspective, participants will learn how researchers are tackling social issues and what kinds of scientific and technological innovations are being applied to provide solutions to these issues.

【Course Content】 ・Networked Robotics
・Smart Mobilit
・Smart Physical Activity
・Quantum computing (silicon qubits)
・Robots that collaborate with humans (food handling robots and soft robots)
【Fee】 free
【For details】

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