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Remote Class Guide

We have opended “Remote Class” on RESOURCES of our website. We will update information that are related to remote class.


Remote Class

Update History

2020/05/28: Added an important notice about update on the first page

2020/05/22: :Conducted English proofreading in sub-chapter 2.2, Chapter 5, and 6

2020/05/02: Modified the description of one item “Record the meeting automatically” in the table shown in 2.1

2020/05/01: Added description about how to utilize cloud recording (Before class:2.1, 2.2, During class:3.7, After:Chapter 5), and added Chapter 6 that summarizes the steps and cautions of cloud

2020/04/24:Added notes about a password in step 04 of subsection 1.3.2

2020/04/20:Updated “Zoom Remote Class Guide” to version 1.4

2020/04/17 PM:Updated “Zoom Remote Class Guide” to version 1.3

2020/04/17 AM:Updated “Zoom Remote Class Guide” to version 1.2

2020/03/26:Updated and Added “Zoom Remote Class Guide” (version 1.1)

Note: “Zoom Remote Class Guide” version 1.0 was opened in the private network