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Zoom Remote Class Guide (v2.4) (Click here)
Added on May 28th:
If your Zoom app version is less than 5.0, you will not be able to enter a Zoom meeting room after May 30. Also, the Zoom app is frequently updated. Please remind your students to check for updates and keep your applications up to date.


If you have some questions about this document, please contact “Zoom Faculty Leaders” in your department, courses, or related groups.

If you are a student, please check the website for Tokyo Tech students. Click here

Table of Contents
1. Setting up Zoom
 1.1. Installing the Zoom application
 1.2. Testing audio-visual devices
 1.3. Activating Zoom accounts registered with a Tokyo Tech email
2. Setting up online lectures using Zoom
 2.1. Scheduling lectures with Zoom
 2.2. Notifying students of online lectures
3. Giving an online lecture using Zoom
 3.1. Initiating scheduled Zoom “meetings”
 3.2. Checking student attendance
 3.3. Managing student join (with the “Enable waiting room” checkbox selected)
 3.4. Making co-host
 3.5. Starting lectures
 3.6. Sharing desktop screens with students
 3.7. Ending lectures
4. Notes and measures for online lectures using Zoom
 4.1. Controlling microphone settings of participants (students)
 4.2. Disabling in-meeting chat of participants (students)
 4.3. Changing settings of sharing screens
 4.4. Controlling cameras of participants
 4.5. Locking meeting
 4.6. Removing participants
5. Miscellaneous: Other options and the Zoom online help center

Update History

  • 21st June(ver. 2.4):With the password requirements in place, the requirement is added to the “Meeting Password” section of the table in 2.1; added in 4.3 how to change the default setting to “Participants are allowed to annotate the shared material” because the default setting was changed to “Participants are not allowed to annotate shared materials”; the cloud recording retention period was modified because the cloud recording retention period has been changed from 14 days to 28 days
  • 28th May(ver. 2.3):Added an important notice about update on the first page
  • 22th May(ver. 2.2):Conducted English proofreading in sub-chapter 2.2, Chapter 5, and 6
  • 2nd May(ver. 2.1): Modified the description of one item “Record the meeting automatically” in the table shown in 2.1
  • 1st May(ver. 2.0):Added description about how to utilize cloud recording (Before class:2.1, 2.2, During class:3.7, After:Chapter 5), and added Chapter 6 that summarizes the steps and cautions of cloud
  • 24th April(ver. 1.5):Added notes about a password in step 04 of subsection 1.3.2
  • 20th April(ver. 1.4):Added notes in sub-sections 1.3.1 and 1.3.2 related to expired invitation
  • 17th April(ver. 1.3):Modified Section 2.1 based on changing settings “Enable join before host”
  • 17th Apr.(ver. 1.2):Modified some settings in Chapter 2 based on Zoom update, Added how to permit participants to enter a meeting room when activating waiting room and how to make co-host in Chapter 3, Added Chapter 4 “Notes and measures for online lectures using zoom”
  • 26th Mar.(ver. 1.1):Added how to activate Tokyo Tech Zoom account in Section 1.3
  • ※“Zoom Remote Class” version 1.0 was opened in the private network

Zoom Tips

This document explains extra Zoom tips (e.g. how to conduct a group work, note about co-hosts, note about copyright etc.).
If you have any questions about the Zoom, including the contents of this document, contact the Zoom support faculty members of your department.

Zoom Tips (Click here)

Main Contents:

  1. Materials about distance learning
  2. Q&A on Zoom functions
    • Participants limit
    • Controlling student microphones
    • Notes on chat
    • Raise Hand function
    • Recording only the faculty face window and shared screen
    • Difference between alternative host and co-host: Setting method
    • Actions taken when the host and co-host leave the meeting
    • Student attendance management
    • Group work (How to manage Breakout Session)
    • When making a lecture with writing on a board
    • Notes on using a mobile rooter
  3. Other Questions, Comments, and Obtained Information
    • Copyright
  4. Reference Links

Update History

  • 1st July: Open

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