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Zoom Remote Class


Zoom Remote Class Guide

Zoom Remote Class Guide (v1.1) (Click here to download)
(Zoom account assignment is in preparation)

Table of Contents
1. Setting up Zoom
 1.1. Installing the Zoom application
 1.2. Testing audio-visual devices
 1.3. Activating Zoom accounts registered with a Tokyo Tech email
2. Setting up online lectures using Zoom
 2.1. Scheduling lectures with Zoom
 2.2. Notifying students of online lectures
3. Giving an online lecture using Zoom
 3.1. Initiating scheduled Zoom “meetings”
 3.2. Checking student attendance
 3.3. Starting lectures
 3.4. Sharing desktop screens with students
 3.5. Ending lectures
4. Miscellaneous: Other options and the Zoom online help center

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