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東工大は、現在教育改革に取り組んでおり、2016年4月から新しいプログラムによる教育を開始する予定です。その実現のため、新たに「教育革新センター(Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning:以下CITL)」が設置され、4月1日に開所式が行われました。


※1 Massive Open Online Courses : 大規模公開オンライン講座
※2 Online Education Development Office : OEDO
※3 授業と宿題の役割を「反転」させ、授業時間外にデジタル教材等により知識習得を済ませ、教室では知識確認や問題解決学習を行う授業形態

[:en]Tokyo Tech is currently formulating a new education system to be launched in April 2016 at the start of the academic year. In order to realize this plan, the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL) was created and an opening ceremony was held for it on April 1, 2015.

As the driving force for education reform, the CITL is carrying out activities in three key areas: educational assessment, faculty development and the learning environment. Additionally, since last year CITL has taken various initiatives to develop Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and has established the Online Education Development Office (OEDO) within CITL to support Tokyo Tech faculty and students in MOOC and other online course development and management, including training and consultation in the design and creation of content for MOOCs and blended (or flipped1) classrooms.

1 In flipped classrooms, students study basic course content online or through other means to gain knowledge. Face-to-face classes with instructors center on checking student understanding of the knowledge gained and working on problems or applications of this knowledge.


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